rue Godefroid 43 à 5000 Namur

Contact: Jacques Englebert, Audrey Adam,


Geographic area served: Belgium

Type of organization / entity: Private law firm

Serves: Staff journalists, editors, media outlets; freelance journalists; civic media/bloggers

Type of support: legal, advocacy

Types of legal support: Direct litigation of cases involving journalists/media outlets in domestic and/or international courts; filing amicus briefs to domestic and/or international courts in specific cases; providing supporting legal briefs and case law to NGOs or journalist associations that are directly litigating cases involving journalists/media outlets facing legal proceedings; providing general legal advice / counsel to journalists/media outlets; providing pre-publication legal advice / counsel to journalists, media outlets, journalist associations; legal advocacy for specific cases and issues.

Fee structure: Hourly fees

Type of advocacy support: Advocacy support for labor issues or disputes