The Media Policy and Journalism in Europe discussion series aims to enhance debate and discussion on policy issues related to media, journalism, to raise awareness of violations to media freedom and pluralism, and to exchange best practices for journalists and media practitioners. Blog post submission by academics, journalists, media practitioners and professionals, civil society actors, policy makers are welcome.
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Finding Justice for Whistleblowers

Posted under Media Policy and Journalism: Discussion Series.

By Peter Noorlander   Whistleblowers are of crucial importance to journalists. They have helped break stories ranging from the Enron scandal in the United States—which revealed corporate malpractice on an (until then) unprecedented scale—to Israel’s then-secret nuclear weapons program in the 1970s. Yet, despite their importance in helping journalists break… Read more »

On the Road to more Transparency: Access to Information under Article 10 ECHR

Posted under Media Policy and Journalism: Discussion Series.

by Dirk VOORHOOF Introduction[1]* Until a few decades ago, the limits and restrictions of freedom of expression were determined by parliaments, governments or other national authorities, and ultimately scrutinized by their own domestic judicial authorities without any further external control. This “paradigm” has significantly changed in Europe, due to the… Read more »

Best Practices and Tips for Using Confidential Sources

Posted under Media Policy and Journalism: Discussion Series.

By Gill Phillips (Read previous article: On Protection of Journalistic Sources) Although many countries offer legal safeguards protecting journalists’ sources, those protections are often uncertain and cannot be presumed, such that ultimately source protection is a personal ethical issue for each journalist. There are a number of important practical considerations for… Read more »