The Media Policy and Journalism in Europe discussion series aims to enhance debate and discussion on policy issues related to media, journalism, to raise awareness of violations to media freedom and pluralism, and to exchange best practices for journalists and media practitioners. Blog post submission by academics, journalists, media practitioners and professionals, civil society actors, policy makers are welcome.
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Revising the advertising and product placement rules in the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD): an ‘optimal’ outcome for industry and consumers?

Posted under Media Policy and Journalism: Discussion Series.


by Rachael Craufurd Smith, Reader in Media Law, University of Edinburgh   The Television Without Frontiers Directive (‘TWFD’) was designed to facilitate the free movement of broadcasting services across Europe by introducing a ‘one stop regulatory shop’ based on regulation by the ‘country of origin’ (Directive 89/552/EEC).  In order to… Read more »

AVMS Review and Media Regulator’s Independence: The Dancing Procession of Echternach?

Posted under Media Policy and Journalism: Discussion Series.


On Monday September 26, 2016 the CULT committee of the European Parliament will hold a hearing on the Audiovisual Media Services review (see here for more information). In its legislative proposal of May this year, the European Commission proposed to introduce a most welcome, and long awaited, straightforward obligation for… Read more »

Media Pluralism Monitor: Impediments to Access to Information in Europe (WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY 2016)

Posted under Media Policy and Journalism: Discussion Series.


Today is the World Press Freedom Day. It is also the 250th anniversary of the world’s first freedom of information law. Freedom of expression and the right of access to information are fundamental conditions in democratic societies. Access to information is one of the key tools for journalists to watchdog… Read more »

Hungarian Authorities Constantly Infringe the Freedom of the Press

Posted under Media Policy and Journalism: Discussion Series.


Budapest, 23 September, 2015 In the last few months Hungarian law enforcement authorities infringed freedom of the press by several different measures taken against journalists. These infringements of the freedom of the press are related to the authorities’ treatment of asylum seekers arriving in Hungary.The press has an important role as the… Read more »

When satire incites hatred: Charlie Hebdo and the freedom of expression debate

Posted under Media Policy and Journalism: Discussion Series.


By Peter Noorlander, Media Legal Defence Initiative (MLDI) A version of this article appears in the Human Rights Action Bulletin XLIII: SPECIAL EDITION, January 2015.   The appalling murder of cartoonists, journalists and police at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has reignited the debate about freedom of expression and satire—and… Read more »